Tinplate products attributes

2018-04-11 10:19:11 25

Perfect corrosion resistance

Food cans containing fruit,meat,beverage and porrdige requires high standard corrosion resistance, as well as perfect appearance. Our tinplate production has adopted latest tinplate manufacturing technology to create a tin-iron alloy layer on the surface of our products,covered by an uniform tin layer, passivated layer, oxidized layer and oil layer, to make our products perfert quality.

Precise thickness, straight shape and low dimension deviation.

Tinplate products require precise thickness, straight shape and small deviation in width and length. A two-stand temper mill is used in our production to ensure the shape and straightness of our products.

Wide range of temper and performance for most usage

Tinplate used in different industries needs different temper from T2 to T5 and DR8 to DR9, i.e. bottle caps from T3 to T5; paint cans fromT2 to T2.5; chemical cans from Tl to T3. Different temper ensures the products to be used in different industries.

Perfect performance during coating, printing and welding

Perfect performance during coating, printing and welding is the build-in attribute of tinplate, which can meet customers' needs in different industries.